EU-Polarnet publishes important white papers

EU-PolarNet published this week the Integrated European Polar Research Programme, the White Paper on Infrastructure Access and Interoperability and the White Paper on Status of Stakeholder Engagement in Polar Research.

These very relevant documents will help support Europe in strengthening the impact of its research in the Polar regions, linking science and societal needs, while aligning infrastructure with the main research questions and objectives.

The Polar team of CEG/IGOT, part of Polar2E, contributed to the Integrated Polar Research Programme and coordinated the White Paper on Infrastructure Access and Interoperability.

Polar2e autumn 2020 newsletter



Welcome to the 2nd Newsletter of the University of Lisbon College on Polar and Extreme Environments (Polar2E).  This season newsletter has several announcements, including the appointment of Gonçalo Vieira, Director of Polar2E as vice-president of the International Permafrost Association. Other news includes grant-winning by members of Polar2E, ongoing project highlights, peer-review publications by members, and participation in outreach activities and fieldwork. The newsletter also focusses on the research performed by Polar2E Early Career Researcher (ECR), through interviews and by Webinars. The Polar2E Early Career Researcher (ECR) Webinars are open to the Polar2E community, typically taking place on Wednesdays at 17:30 Lisbon time. They are 10 to 15 minutes’ presentation on the ongoing research by ECRs. Finally, upcoming events and opportunities are also highlighted in this newsletter.
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Zita Martins (Sub-Director of Polar2E)