PhD Students (current)

Afonso Ferreira
Phytoplankton response to climate change in the North Atlantic and Southern Ocean
PhD in Marine Sciences

Ana Cláudia Pereira de Oliveira
Ecological indicators as tools to monitor the effects of climate change on dryland ecosystems
Doctoral Program  in Biology and Ecology of the Global Changes

Bernardo Rocha
Using lichens diversity to track the effects of climate change: can we do this at the global scale?

Clara Wendt
A functional perspective on plant-insect interactions along environmental gradients: contribution for restoration of semiarid areas

Doctoral Program in BIODIV – Biodiversity, Genetic and Evolution

Diogo Folhas Ferreira
Natural organic matter dynamics in permafrost thermokarst lakes
PhD in Chemistry

Juliana Monteiro
The potential of moss ­dominated biological soil crusts for restoring ecosystem services in desertified and degraded areas
Doctoral Program in Biology, Ecology

Lígia Coelho
Astrobiology analyses of icy biomes as a proxy for extra-terrestrial life in icy moons
PhD Program of MIT-Portugal (MPP).

Luciane Rafaele Favareto
Bio-optical variability in coastal waters offshore Portugal, with focus on the detection of functional groups of phytoplankton
PhD in Marine Sciences

Marcelo Fernandes
Chronology of the deglaciation and paleoenvironmental evolution of the high Garonne valley, Central Pyrenees
PhD in Geography (Speciality Physical Geography)

Pedro Freitas
Dynamics and spatial variability of Arctic and sub-Arctic thermokarst ponds and their biogeochemical properties (Canada)
PhD in Geography (Speciality Physical Geography)

Vasco Conde
Soil Moisture and snow water content retrieval from interferometric SAR data
PhD in Geophysical Sciences and Geoinformation (Speciality Remote Sensing)

Vasco Miranda
Mapping and monitoring vegetation on ice-free areas of the Antarctic Peninsula through remote sensing.
PhD in Georesources

Master Students (current)

Bernardo Costa
Coastal dynamics in Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula (Northwest Territories, Canada)
Masters in Physical Geography and Spatial Planning, IGOT.

Daniel Batista
Geomorphological dynamics of Pingo Canadian Landmark based on very and ultra high resolution remote sensing imagery (Northwest Territories, Canada)
Masters in Physical Geography and Spatial Planning, IGOT.

Daniel Pinheiro
Flooding hazard in coastal permafrost environments. The case of Tuktoyaktuk (Northwest Territories, Canada)
Masters in Environmental Engineering, IST.

Joana Baptista
Spatial modelling of ground temperatures and permafrost in Barton Peninsula (King George Island, Antarctica)
Masters in Physical Geography and Spatial Planning, IGOT.

Marta Almeida
Morphometric characterization of sorted stone circles based on UAV datasets (Barton Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica)
Masters in Geological and Mining Engineering, IST.

Ricardo Santos
Paleoclimatology of Western Iberia – evidence from a biogeochemical proxy approach in peixão lake sediments (Serra da Estrela, Portugal)
Masters in Geology

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