Alexandre M. Ramos | Assistant Researcher | IDL/FCUL
Climate change, Atmospheric dynamics, Climatology, Natural hazards

Alice Nunes | Post-doc Researcher | cE3c/FCUL

Ângela Santos | Assistant Researcher | CEG/IGOT undefined
Natural hazards, Tsunami

Ana Cristina Brito | Assistant Researcher | MARE/FCUL
Phytoplankton Ecology, Phytoplankton Functional Groups, Ocean Colour

Carla Mora | Assistant Professor | CEG/IGOT undefined
Topoclimatology, Remote Sensing, Snow, Vegetation

Carlos Neto | Associate Professor | CEG/IGOT undefined

Catarina Guerreiro | MARE/FCUL undefined
Marine Biogeosciences

Cristina Branquinho | Associate Professor | cE3c/FCUL undefined

Emanuel Dutra | IDL/FCUL undefined
Climate Modelling

Francisco Roque de Oliveira | Assistant Professor | CEG/IGOT undefined
Historical Geography

Gabriel Goyanes | Researcher | CERENA/IST
Permafrost, Geomorphology, UAV

Gonçalo Prates | Researcher | CEG/IGOT | Adj Prof ISE/UAlg
Geodesy, Remote Sensing, Geophysics, Cryosphere

Gonçalo Vieira | Associate Professor | CEG/IGOT
Permafrost, Mountain Environments, Climate Change

Helena Cristina Serrano | Post-doc Researcher | c3Ec/FCUL
Plant Ecology, Ecophysiology, Phytoremediation, Geochemical Pollution

João Canário, Coordinator Researcher | CQE/IST undefined
Environmental Chemistry

João Catalão Fernandes | Associate Professor | IDL/FCUL undefined
Remote Sensing

José Maria Fernánez Fernández | Post-doc Researcher | CEG/IGOT
Glacial Geomorphology, Palaeoclimatology, Geochronology, Physical Geography

Marc Oliva, Invited Assistant Professor | CEG/IGOT undefined
Quaternary Paleoenvironments

Manuel Correia Guedes | Associate Professor | IST undefined
Sustainable Architecture

Margarida Queirós | Associate Professor | CEG/IGOT
Gender, Environment, Territory, Planning

Maria Alexandra Oliveira | Post-doc Researcher | cE3c/FCUL
Extreme Marine Events, Boulder Deposits, Lichenometry, Air Pollution Modeling

Maria Teresa Cabrita | Researcher | CEG/IGOT undefined
Science Management, Fitoplancton

Mohammad Farzamian | Post-doc Researcher | IDL/FCUL undefined

Paula Matos | Post-doc Researcher | cE3c/FCUL undefined

Paulo Gil | IDMEC/IST undefined
Space Environment

Pedro Mateus | IDL/FCUL
Remote Sensing, Atmosphere

Pedro Pina | CERENA/IST undefined
Remote Sensing, Pattern Recognition

Ricardo Garcia | Assistant Professor | CEG/IGOT
Natural Hazards

Ricardo Santos | Researcher | LAIST/IST
Microbiology, Microbial Biodiversity, Microbial adaptation to stress

Ricardo Trigo | Associate Professor | IDL/FCUL undefined

Rute Cesário | Researcher | CQE/IST
Environmental Biogeochemistry, Mercury Biogeochemical Cycle, Mercury Stable Isotopes, Aquatic Ecosystems, Salt-marshes

Sandra Balão | Associate Professor | ISCSP
Arctic Geopolitics, Geostrategy and S&D

Sandra Heleno | Post-doc Researcher | CERENA/IST undefined
Remote Sensing

Sílvia Monteiro | Researcher | LAIST/IST
Microbiology, Microbiological diversity, Microbiological survival mechanisms

Vanda Brotas | Full Professor | MARE/FCUL undefined
Marine Biology

Zita Martins | Associate Professor | CQE/IST undefined

Interested in integrating the Polar2E team?
The membership of Polar2E is open to all researchers of the University of Lisbon holding a PhD degree and working in polar and/or extreme environments research.
If you are interested, please send a motivation letter, a short cv by email to, as well as a letter from the Director of your school, supporting your integration. Applications are evaluated by the Scientific Committee for acceptance.

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