Expedition COASTANTAR 2024

Western Antarctic Peninsula Coastal Environments under a Changing Climate

Last update: 26 May 2023


College on Polar and Extreme Environments of the University of Lisbon – POLAR2E
Portuguese Polar Program – PROPOLAR

Science Coordinator: Gonçalo Vieira, CEG/IGOT – University of Lisbon
Science Co-Coordinator: Pedro Guerreiro, CCMAR – University of Algarve

Mission characteristics

  • Multidisciplinary research on the environmental dynamics of coastal areas of the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • 2 Weeks in the Antarctic Peninsula from King George Island to Palmer Archipelago in February 2024
  • Sailing vessel with 12 PAX for scientists
  • On-board projects and sample collection proposals.
  • Maintenance and consolidation of PERMANTAR network as nodes for a Portuguese network for observatories in the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Projects based on scientific-merit and logistical feasibility
  • 1 team member on-board per project
  • All participants collaborate with other projects to maximize scientific outputs
  • 1st preparatory workshop in Lisbon in the end of July, with another workshop in October/November.

Application procedures

  • Portuguese Polar Program call for projects (7 places) – Apply here (deadline 30 April 2023)
  • POLAR2E call for projects – No funding for travel will be covered (only ship time) – to be involved you should participate in the Workshop to take place in the 6 june 2023, 9:00AM at IGOT – more information here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What research equipment will be available on board?
All equipment needs to be provided by the research teams. Please contact PROPOLAR for details on limitations with weight and volume. The answers will be added here.

Is there a laboratory on-board?
No. Please contact PROPOLAR to check if your requirements can be covered.

Is it possible to apply with a social and human sciences proposal?
Yes. But be aware of the overarching theme of the Expedition “Western Antarctic Peninsula Coastal Environments under a Changing Climate”. The applications must contribute to this theme.

How will the equipment be transported to Antarctica and back?
The equipment will be transported by ship in early October 2023 and will return to Portugal in May/June 2024. PROPOLAR will organize the transport. A transportation of frozen samples to Europe will be coordinated by PROPOLAR, but expedition costs within Europe are not covered by PROPOLAR and must be organized by the research teams.

Are there health requirements for the participation?
Yes, all participants will be required to follow the procedures of PROPOLAR regarding medical certification.

Are there any environmental issues to be considered?
Yes. All projects need to go through the Environmental Impact Evaluation procedure performed by the Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente, following PROPOLAR practices to comply with the Antarctic Treaty and the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty.

What other conditions are required to participate in the expedition?
Participants must have Polar or marine experience as a pre-requisite to integrate the expedition. However, science teams will include also scientists analysing the data.

I am a researcher at the University of Lisbon. Shall I apply to the PROPOLAR or to the POLAR2E?
The POLAR2E projects will not cover travel costs. You are advised to apply to PROPOLAR which covers the full logistics and you should also attend the POLAR2E workshop to be held on the 6 june 2023 – more information here.

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