Conference: How Arctic coastal processes are influencing the taste of mangos

Dr Anna Irrgang, Alfred Wegener Institute, Potsdam, Germany

Open conference at IGOT, 16 May 2022, 12h00

Anna Irrgang is a coastal geomorphologist who specialized in Arctic coastal processes. Her passion about Arctic coasts arose from a coincidence as she run out of work during her internship about Caribbean Tsunamis at the USGS in California. Thus, she got put on the task to classify over 5000 pictures of the Alaskan coast and quickly got fascinated by the high diversity of landscapes and the uniqueness of the Arctic environment. Three years later and by taking many detours, Anna found a way to get to the Arctic with the Geological Survey of Canada and finally saw the coast with her own eyes! Since ten years now, she is investigating how the Arctic coast is changing in response to changing climatic conditions and which consequences these changes have for the human and natural environment. Besides being lead and co-author of several papers on Arctic coastal dynamics, she was recently the lead author of a paper on the drivers, dynamics and impacts of changing Arctic coasts in the journal Nature Reviews in Earth and Environment.

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