Polar2e with 7 teams in antarctica

Researchers of Polar2E projects ANTERMON, PERMANTAR and VEGETANTAR in King George Island in January 2020.

The Antarctic summer season of 2019-20 is on and Polar2E will have seven teams in the field under the logistical framework of the Portuguese Polar Program:

  • Project ANTERMON – ANTarctic Electrical Resistivity Monitoring Network, lead by Mohammad Farzamian (IDL).
  • Project FACT – Links between phytoplankton dynamics and climate Forcing in NW AntarCTica, lead by  Ana de Brito (MARE).
  • Project LICHEN EARLY METER 2 – Development of an ecological indicator to monitor the effects of climate change in polar regions based on lichen functional traits, lead by Paula Matos (CE3C).
  • Project NUNANTAR – Analysis of nunataks of the Antarctic Peninsula as multiproxy data sources on environmental change and climate Dynamics, lead by Marc Oliva (CEG).
  • Project PERMANTAR – Permafrost and Climate Change in Western Antarctic Peninsula, lead by Gonçalo Vieira (CEG).
  • Project POLAR LODGE – Performance Evaluation of a Resilient Shelter for Research Development in the Antarctic, lead by Manuel Guedes (CITUA).
  • Project VEGETANTAR 2 – Multitemporal vegetation mapping in the Antarctic Peninsula through multiscale remote sensing, led by Pedro Pina (CERENA).